10 Experts Share the Best Career Advice They Ever Received

Receiving the right advice and support from mentors throughout your life can make an incredible difference in the growth and success of your career. Read the following article we found titled, “10 Experts Share the Best Career Advice They Ever Received”, written by Susannah Snider for important advice received by 10 experts which you can apply for your own workplace enrichment.

Soft Skills Crucial To Landing Your Dream Job

Blog written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

At Contemporaries, our goal is to match our candidates with our clients in such a way that we provide both parties with an effective, long term fit. We take great care to ensure our candidates have not only all of the hard skills (e.g. program proficiency, etc.) required to perform successfully in the roles we send them in for, but also extensively consider if the candidates’ soft skills are the right match not only for the role, but for our client’s company. Although it may seem that soft skills are less important when evaluating a candidate’s qualifications, we have found that these skills are often the deal breakers for both Contemporaries and our clients. Take a look at the following chart from the article, “Soft Skills Crucial To Landing Your Dream Job”, written by Guy Berger for a list of today’s most sought-after soft skills.

Six Things You Shouldn’t Do if You Want a Job, According to Hiring Managers

Blog written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

Recently we’ve talked about many tips a candidate can use to improve their chances both before and during the interview process. This week we will be discussing some tips for what not to do, as these are just as important. Having conducted countless interviews, I am aware (as well as anyone else in HR) that there are certain practices that are disapproved of and have seen each and every one of the six mentioned in the article we’re referencing today. While the common candidate may believe that these actions will increase their viability or are even expected of them, I can assure you that they will, in reality, harm your chances of success and possibly take you out of the running all together.

Check out this article we found titled, “Six Things You Shouldn’t Do if You Want a Job, According to Hiring Managers”, written by Rebecca Greenfield for six actions you should avoid at all costs, some of which may be surprising.


Acing the Interview Process

Written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

Staying along the lines of our recent blog posts, this week’s article has some additional information for acing that upcoming interview. The central theme of this article is preparation. It cannot be stressed enough how pivotal being over prepared is in relation to the outcome of your interview. In our last blog, it was emphasized how necessary it is to focus on the company’s goals instead of just yourself and your qualities. The next step is to connect your skill set and experience with extensive research on the background and goals of the company in order to offer them a solution.

While it may seem as though pulling the focus from your qualifications and transferring it to ideas for the company would distract from your self-promotion, it’s important to remember that this approach itself is a way to set you apart from other candidates. Read this article, titled, “Acing the Interview Process”, written by Abby Locke for more advice on securing that position.

My Single Best Tip

Blog written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

An interview can often feel as though you’re under a microscope, being picked apart quality by quality by the interviewer. When wading through all of the “how would you handle this situation”, “what applicable skills do you have” and “what benefits would you bring to our company” questions that are being directed at you, it can feel as though the interview is all about you; in fact, the best approach you can take is to make the interview about the company and how you can help them reach their goals.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, the job market is extremely competitive and there are countless numbers of applicants for each role. Once you’ve given yourself the advantage to stand out by applying some of the resume tips mentioned in my previous blog titled, “Transferable Skills Alone Won’t Win That Job”, you’ve now got to do the same in  your interview.

Read this article titled, “My Single Best Tip”, written by Marc Cenedella for his very important tip regarding asking one, important question during all your interviews: “How do I help you get a gold star on your review next year?”


Transferable Skills Alone Won’t Win That Job

Blog written by senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

In this current, crazy market employers are wading through countless applicants for the same position and competition is brutal. Successfully pushing yourself ahead of the others will require much more than telling your interviewer about your “broad background” or that you are a “people person”. These are empty statements that do not tell a potential employer anything about your actual skills or abilities, or what makes you a strong and diverse candidate.

Thankfully, Contemporaries is fortunate to have built strong relationships with our clients throughout the Greater Boston Area which allows us to cut through all the red tape to secure the best positions for our candidates. However, we found this article, “Transferable Skills Alone Won’t Win That Job”, written by Joe Turner which has exceptional advice for identifying not only your best selling points related to the skills you’ve gained from previous experience, but also the potential you can offer down the line. Read this article and take the time to intensively reflect upon what the best “personal branding statement” will be to truly set you apart; I guarantee that this will give you a leg up by convincing both us and our clients that you are their best bet for profitable growth.

I Wasn’t Ignoring You, I Was Bored

Written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

We all have important information that we need to get across to those in the workplace, but how effective are your emails at truly hitting home with the pivotal points and ensuring they’re received and retained? If you find yourself frustrated and repeating yourself until you’re blue in the face, maybe it’s time to take a look at the way your information is being delivered.

We’re living in a go, go, go society where the short attention span rules; therefore it’s necessary to modify the way we interact with those around us in order to be better understood and remembered. Read this article we found titled, “I Wasn’t Ignoring You, I Was Bored”, written by Mark Cenedella with a few tips on giving your correspondences the best chance of being reviewed and recalled.

The 8-Minute Resume

Written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

We, at Contemporaries, realize that a resume is only a snapshot of a person. However, your resume is the first piece of the puzzle that recruiters and hiring managers are evaluating and it’s important to give yourself the best shot possible at getting past that first tier and gaining the opportunity to present your skills and initiative. We have utilized certain tips for years in order to hone the presentation of a resume to showcase the best aspects of our candidates’ experience, capabilities and further potential and were glad to see similar recommendations from Marc Cenedella in his article titled, “The 8-Minute Resume”. Check it out and you may find a quick fix to start receiving those callbacks and job opportunities.


We were mentioned today in the Boston Globe about giving back to Boston with an organization called Heartank, founded to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the Boston neighborhoods. See the attached article, written by Deirdre Fernandes.

Shark Tank with a heart

10 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates

Blog written by Contemporaries senior recruiter Sarah LeGrand.

The majority of our blogs are targeted at our current and potential temp candidates, offering them tips and advice to help them best succeed in this process and gain the knowledge and mindset needed to focus on the end game versus the short term goals. This week’s blog is for our fellow recruiters, regarding some of the recurring and sometimes comical problems we all face when vetting our candidates. Read the following article titled, “10 of the Biggest Pet Peeves Recruiters Have About Candidates”, written by Sophie Deering; I guarantee you’ve come across one (or all) of these issues in your time (I know we have!).

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