Turning your temp job into a career opportunity

“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard individuals say, “I’m only temping until I find a real job.”

Even during candidate interviews, some will tell us they want a temporary position now, while they search for permanent job, in their field of choice.

Savvy individuals know that being a temporary employee not only helps pay the bills, but it also provides a foot through the door – to a non-profit organization or university, a government entity, or Fortune 500 business. Without that temporary work opportunity, these candidates may never be invited to approach the door, at least not as a potential permanent employee.

In fact, we have seldom lost a temp employee to another agency. It is only after we have placed a temp employee in a “dream job” or have placed that temp in a work environment and on an assignment where that employee can flourish and succeed that we lose a temp employee. We will lose our temp employee because the temp more often than not becomes our client’s permanent employee.

Being a temp affords you new opportunities, to work in industries and in places you may otherwise be prohibited from entering. Temporary placements also allow decision makers and client supervisors to see firsthand, what additional strengths, skills, and talents you will bring to the table, if hired.

We tell all our temps to consider each assignment as a dress rehearsal for a future, permanent position.  While every temporary placement may not lead to an immediate permanent placement, there are many other benefits to temping.

Other benefits include:

  • Building your skill sets, whether it is perfecting skills you already have or learning new ones which are part of the job assignment.
  • If you happen to be right out of college, or just off a job, temping can also be a way to ensure there are no long-term gaps in your work history.

So again, if you are thinking about temping, take the plunge; make yourself indispensable to your supervisors and colleagues. You are now on the road to long-term career success.

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